Being a Sports Coach & Therapist, Richard specializes in muscular-skeletal injuries and rehabilitation. His work is in helping an athlete or general person,  to reduce pain or with chronic health conditions. The aim is prevention injuries and getting you back to your optimal fitness quickly.

Depending on your condition, Richard will enable you to get a deeper understanding of healing, fatigue and /or pain, which will lead to you spending more time in a healing state; this will allow your body to heal and recover.

His approaches are partly based on my training as a Sports Therapist, Bowen TherapistT.B.M. Practitioner and a Physical Trainer. He combines this specific fitness training in allowing people to have more mobility, stability which leads to people to reducing their symptoms or pain.

A key element in my work is a powerful perceptive of well-being and resilience, which enable people to feel more at ease, quick to recover and less stressed. improved physical well-being feel happier, more comfortable in your own body and have greater self-esteem have less time feeling down, anxious or disconnected be more resilient, and able to solve your own problems improve your relationships, communication and enjoy life again.

Injury prevention – added value balancing the body to create the space for the body… 

Relieve, Recover & Rehabilitate

Helping you Relieve pain,

Recover you from injury,

Rehabilitate you back to

your Personal Best!