What are some of the best articles/videos that you have read so far this year?

Let me know about the best mind-set, performance, and coaching (in Business/Sport) articles that you have read in the year, by leaving a reply/comment or by using the contact details below.

Richard would also love to hear your reactions to any or all of the articles / webinars / videos that he has linked to below.

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Video –  Getting out there

Challenging the those noises in our heads…and what I found, that helps me and possible you.

Video – It’s great being a child, having fun in sport…

Hi there…just out and about over the wkend and came across children having fun learning rugby, in the cold and sunny morning…its great to be alive….:-)


Going back to basics…

Many businesses are asking the same questions how can we improve our revenue, boost sales, get better productivity, increase the morale within the team, it’s not our fault, its them!

And then, they look at ways of improving the business by copying other’s strategies, hiring people with their knowledge to work things out, for them. Let’s not forget those people in the workplace, who get stressed out, burnt out, afraid to say NO.

Does this sound familiar to you and your business?

I was speaking to a company only last week, that they had a number of ways to deal with this in their business manual. In short, they were actually trying to help them find clarity of mind by giving them more to think about.

What I proposed was a manual that would merely guide their team in a direction and take it from within their own way. The proposed reminders that I gave them, were that the mind is made for success, 100% of a person’s feelings are coming from his or her thinking and that their thinking is always coming and going.

Where do we go from here, in 2019?

This is a common question that all types of businesses ask, the management ask themselves, they ask their employees, they even ask the cleaning personnel and so on. And then, they look at ways of improving the business by copying other’s strategies, hiring people with their knowledge to work things out, for them. LINKEDIN

3 Steps to a Winning Sports Mindset

Research shows that with the right mindset you can achieve extraordinary things. We are all born with fixed elements, eye colour, hair colour, body shape and so on.. What do you think is a winning mindset in Sport and Business? As a leader, what is your approach in getting the best out of people? PDF – 3 steps to a winning sports mindset

Coaching Card for 2019

I would like to offer you a Coaching Gift Card. If, at any time in the next 6 months you’d like a powerful coaching conversation, reach out and we’ll put a date in the calendar. It’s worth noting, that coaching is powerful when you have a problem or challenge to handle. But coaching doesn’t have to be remedial. The most powerful coaching conversations I have ever had with a client have been when they come to me with a big dream or they show up and say, “I have no idea what to talk about today!’ This is where we can create something magical!


Crossing the Stream

Crossing the stream in Business or in sport, can be sometimes frustrating, annoying, lacking direction or strategy. Your work life is like the stream. Stand on the edge, see where you want to go and wait for the rocks to show up. When an opportunity to further your crossing appears, respond with your knowledge/wisdom and see whether this is really the rock you want to step onto.



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