Coaching at the Old Abbey

Do you want to take your feelings of freedom, peace of mind, and confidence to a new level?

The best investment is in oneself. And it is a necessary luxury these days. (



Starting in 2020, I will be offering for individuals or couples a retreat setting, we’ll take a much deeper look at the principles that underlie our experience of life. (

The only thing that makes life feel difficult is a series of misunderstandings.

  • We misunderstand the origin of our feelings, opinions, and experience
  • We misunderstand our problems and the state of our lives and mental health
  • We don’t fully grasp the extent to which we have up-to-the-moment guidance available to us at all times, and we definitely misunderstand how to access and use it.

When we misunderstand these things, we get in our own way. Life feels far tougher and more complex than it actually is. The more you deeply you see how this thing called ‘being human’ really operates, the more you see how extremely simple it really is. And, the more it works in your favour.


Relax & De-stress your life ( A 7-week course)

Relax & De-stress in your life!  A 7-week course (online or live)

Meet me at the old Abbey. Being privately owned, we choose to open the abbey as we do to the public, for you to enjoy. It’s a special place, it’s here if you need a place to escape, relax and enjoy the English Garden.

Enjoy the journey within the grounds to uncover the lifelong solutions in reducing Anxiety, Increase Energy, and Enjoy Your Stress-Free Life.

The old Abbey has always been a place for peace, tranquillity, respect, & calm. We keep the old Abbey like this for a reason, a place to escape from the day to day stress and struggles.

Contact me for further information, about prices and venue.


Coaching – Immersion Weekend (2/3 days)

The coaching immersion format is an “ideal way” for those who are wanting to see their truths in a deeper way. Spending time over this period will enable you to “catch” about your insights and tap into a deeper feeling of truth. I have found being in the historical Abbey, that the setting like this is the best way to deepen your own grounding and get new insights.

Here’s what I have experienced in similar retreats, and what you can expect from this one:

  • Feel increased confidence in yourself and far less worry about the future.
  • The ability to tap into something bigger for guidance and answers at any time.
  • A deeper sense of connection with everything and everyone around you, resulting in far more compassion, patience, and empathy.
  • A more peaceful and productive mind.
  • Less mental clutter and increased focus and clarity.
  • A sense of being able to thrive in any circumstance.
  • More creativity and greater access to your own inner wisdom.
  • Watch old habits and patterns lesson and fall away.
  • Relationships become easier and more satisfying.
  • Less trying to manage and figure everything out with your intellect.
  • Learn how to let your wisdom guide you in a way that is effortless and far more beneficial.

Your Guide:

Richard Kelly is an Inner coach and group facilitator and knows about the power of personal storytelling and the benefits of sharing stories. He enjoys having loving opening conversations and helping people move forward by listening to them.

Being heard, seen and acknowledged is so necessary for this age of individualism. There are so many divisions in society and people are finding it harder to connect with others.



In 2020, times and dates to be confirmed. by contacting Richard, directly.



Come and join me in the magnificent surroundings of the Ancienne Abbaye de Soleilmont – Site Historique (

The Ancient Abbey of Soleilmont is an abbey of Trappistine nuns situated in the forest and commune of Fleurus, at Gilly near CharleroiBelgium, founded, according to tradition, in the 11th century, which became Cistercian in 1237.

Today, the former Soleilmont Abbey is divided between several private individuals. The most interesting is the remains of the church, the cloister, the tombstones of the abbesses and the main building (abbey house) – it is run by a non-profit association “Ancienne Abbaye de Soleilmont”.  Within the grounds, there are English-style gardens to serve as a setting for these architectural jewels.

Accommodation & Food:

Why not, take the pleasure and energy of staying over at the Abbey in one of the gîtes available for guests having a coaching session. Food and Accommodation are extra. Please Contact Richard directly for further information.


Near to Charleroi and ideally situated along the (E40, E42, E420, R3).

Airport: Charleroi Airport is only 10 minutes away

Train: Charleroi Train Station (Charleroi-Sud ) is only 20 mins away from the Abbey

Road: Access via E42, E420 – South of Brussels, just of R3 exit 13 Ransart

Coaching Cost:

Prices vary between 125 – 3000 euros), for the 6-week course, One-day coaching or a Weekend Immersion (2/3 Days).

Please Contact Richard directly for further information.


Please call or email with any questions. I would love to talk with you to see if the retreat is right for you.

GSM: 0032 475 222 152 or Contact Richard