Executive / Individual Coaching

Take your leadership to the next level


Ready to explore, who you really are?

You can be or do or have anything.
You are the creator of your life experience.
And it all begins with a thought.

Richard’s approach is focused on the state of mind and thinking. New thinking leads to new actions and results. By creating the space to focus on what you want with a thinking partner who is always on your agenda, holding you capable and listening deeply while challenging beliefs and assumptions.

Despite a strong focus on results, our coaching is always only about you. Your results follow naturally from a transformation in who you know yourself to be. As you see things differently, you do things differently. Naturally and effortlessly.

The coaching takes place in the magnificent surroundings of the Ancienne Abbaye de Soleilmont – Site Historique.

The Abbey is situated in the commune of Gilly near CharleroiBelgium, founded, according to tradition, in the 11th century, which became Cistercian in 1237.

Today, the former Abbey of Soleilmont is divided between several private domains. It is run by a non-profit association “Ancienne Abbaye de Soleilmont”, within the grounds, there are English-style gardens to serve as a setting for these architectural jewels. There are several interesting parts of the remains of the church, the cloister, and the tombstones of the abbesses.


Key areas to Richard’s approach

Through coaching with Richard, you will discover that you are far more than you think. You are infinite potential and possibility limited only by your own thoughts and beliefs. We create a space where you can listen more deeply to yourself, accessing your own innate wisdom. We generate forward-moving momentum toward results that challenge who you know yourself to be.

1. What do you really want?

What outcomes do you want that are beyond what you would achieve anyway, without a coach?

This is the first question we help you get clear about as we start the coaching engagement. The answer provides the direction and the focus for our work together. It also becomes an important measure of success.

2. Transformation in who you are being

Despite a strong focus on results, our coaching is always only ever about YOU. The results follow naturally from a transformation in who you know yourself to be. You grow and develop, becoming a leader who is at a new level of performance.

Rather than having you work hard to change what you are doing, our coaching simply transforms who you are being. Your mindset, perspective and thinking begin to shift. It is not about changing yourself. It is about realizing and becoming more of who you really are; more than who you are being in this moment.
And who you really are is always far more than you think.

3. Effortless sustainability

Lack of commitment or No willpower, to go on.

You may or may not be aware that you are always doing what makes sense to you, at the moment, because of the way you see things. When you see things differently, you do things differently — naturally and effortlessly. By the end of our engagement, you come to see that the coach has really done nothing. Everything that happened has come from you.

You alone are the source of the outcomes. The coach was a catalyst. And as you come to know yourself as pure, infinite potential, and possibility, you also realize that you do not need a coach. You walk away from our engagement knowing that you always have access to all that you are…to create anything you want.