Richard offers three types of services, these being:

  • Executive/Individual Coaching

    Richard partners with you to take your leadership to the next level. And along the way, you discover who you really are. While maintaining focus on your objectives, our coaching is always about YOU and your transformation. As you see things differently, you do things differently. Naturally and effortlessly.

  • Team Coaching

    Beyond fun team-building exercises, Richard will tap into the innate wisdom of your team. Richard skip the teaching, and allow insights and learning to emerge naturally while coaching your team as you work on key projects. The team transforms itself as focus and awareness increases and aligns.

  • Coach Like Approach – For Managers/Bosses

    Richard helps your company’s leaders and all people managers to become great coaches rather than good managers/bosses. His programs transform your leaders from managers to coaches by increasing employee engagement, productivity, independent problem-solving and job satisfaction.