The Inner Coach

“Make it simple and magical”


What is an Inner Coach?

My job as an Inner coach is to help you change your perspective so that you are able to see more clearly what is REALLY going on. Once you do, you will know yourself exactly what to do and you will have the natural motivation and resilience to do it. No strategies, methods, or superhuman displays of will power necessary. Who you are is totally enough.

How does working with Richard, help me?

Working with a Richard can help you to:

  • Identify approaches in achieving your true potential
  • Set practical, achievable goals
  • Identify and maximize strengths
  • Develop a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires
  • Sense, identify and understand the emotions and reactions of others
  • More effectively inspire and drive a team towards success
  • Address and overcome negative behaviour and thought processes that create roadblocks

How will your coaching help my business or organization?

The approach of an Inner Coach is for people who want to achieve a fulfilling balance between professional goals and personal development.

In a business context, the approach of an Inner Coach can bring about the true potential of an individual at all levels. Understanding how thoughts and behaviours are affected by emotions, relationships and social networks is an effective tool for enhancing performance.

But it’s not all about enhancing performance, Inner Coaching can support your organization in addressing issues such as absenteeism, burnout and stress.

What do I do and how do I do it?

Richard helps people stay committed, empowered, focused, disciplined, and develop a winning mindset.

Richard finds that there are certain principles that are effective in helping you to lead the life that you want with autonomy. This approach is a groundbreaking understanding of rebound and well-being, which enables people to improve their relationships, their performance and to feel happier and more at ease. It can help you begin to get a grasp of these approaches or if you have already started exploring then to increase your understanding.

By applying various learning methods, you will acquire a mental coaching approach which gives you a deeper perceptive and have greater insights about you. The more you discover about your resilience, the more present and at ease you will become. In other words, you will spend more time in a higher state of mind; thus leading you to have greater clarity, new orientation and the ability to overcome your own challenges. 

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Richard is an English Speaking Expat, in Brussels, as a Transformative Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Sports Coach (#Bowen, #TBM Kinesiology, #Fitness).

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